Tragedy of life

Haters There are many people in our lives who wants to pull us back in every aspect of our lives.Some people think of them as a threat to their goal.But let me tell you that the problem isn't the haters.the problem is you letting them misdirect your journey giving them control of a battle that... Continue Reading →

How to study well

        Study smart but less The main thing you have to know while studying is that its important to study smart even if you study less.         sleep well                                        ... Continue Reading →


There are memories of how we used to be. And i can see them through the flames of war. I want to come back but i am afraid that i cannot because in this game there is no coming back. War is a type of game which you can start easily but you cannot quite... Continue Reading →


Freedom is more than appearance Freedom is more than it Seems, Freedom allows us to live our Dreams Freedom is Regal like the graceful wings of a soaring Eagle Freedom is Real– something we can Feel. Freedom is something that can be Seen, Freedom does not have anything in Between. Freedom comes with a Price,... Continue Reading →


  Question what is your purpose?   Question what is your goal? Question what is your value? Question what is your talent? Question what is your passion? Ask yourself these questions and try your best to find their answers..........................................


I myself cannot define success for you because it is impossible The only person capable of defining success for you is neither me nor anybody it is only you that's right only you can define success for yourself and the reason why I say this is because every sees success differently for example some people... Continue Reading →


Its time to rise.its time to say goodbye to the comfort its time to eliminate the things that create short-term happiness its time to face your fear and conquer it  its time to go beyond your limits to make yourself free of limits its time to realize that what you want can be achieved its... Continue Reading →

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